Re: Hangup: Promise ATA100 (PDC20267) and Quantum disk

From: Lars Knudsen (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 02:41:03 EST

> > PDC20267: (U)DMA Burst Bit DISABLED Primary PCI Mode
> Secondary PCI Mode.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> You have to force the driver into action.
> You have no way to get UltraDMA enabled.

OK, I removed the CD-rom, and the driver states upon boot:

PDC20267: (U)DMA Burst Bit ENABLED Primary PCI Mode

.. but no change, still a lockup upon boot exactly as before. 1 disk attached to controller, with the original Promise IDE cable, which is a 80 pin cable.


Lars Knudsen    

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