Re: [ANNOUNCE] Withdrawl of Open Source NDS Project/NTFS/M2FS forLinux

From: Jeff V. Merkey (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 05:09:50 EST

Someone has to port it to Linux. It runs on MANOS only at present, but
I posted the source code months ago and told folks they could have it.
You can download the MANOS sources and a binary and run it to see how it
works. It's at



Tigran Aivazian wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> > A kernel debugger would make all our lives easier and cost me less money
> > in salaries to engineers for particular projects.
> Which kernel debugger? I use kdb and find it very convenient. I hated it
> (it was unstable) in the beginning but now (kdb 1.3 against
> 2.4.0-test8-pre2) it is very stable and useful so I "don't leave home
> without it".
> What is this your "killer kernel debugger" version of a kernel debugger?
> If it is better than kdb, please post a URL and we will all give it a try.
> Thanks,
> Tigran
> PS. Btw, yes, your announcement was quite disappointing but I guess we'll
> survive, we'll miss you :)
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