[GETTING WILDLY OFFTOPIC] Re: [ANNOUNCE] Withdrawl of Open Source NDS Project/NTFS/M2FS for Linux

From: Rik van Riel (riel@conectiva.com.br)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 16:44:45 EST

On 5 Sep 2000, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:
> jmerkey@timpanogas.com (Jeff V. Merkey) writes:
> >Get off my ass.
> Why do you old people always have to get personal?

Umm, somehow I have the feeling this thread is ready for
Usenet or IRC ;)

alt.flame.die.die.die or rec.misc.flamewar.misc come to mind.

or #flamebait, of course...

(but the /other/ part of the thread, where we are actually
talking about something, would be nice to keep ;))



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       -- Miguel de Icaza, UKUUG 2000

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