Re: Bug Report: Kernel 2.4.0-test7 - Floppy Drive?

From: S.J. Black (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 03:41:57 EST


Of all the bugs i've run into, this is one of the oddest. Hopefully,
i've a) got all the req'd information here and b)a hope of finding a
solution/workaround/a facsimile thereof to the problem.

System Spec's: K6-2/500
               64 MB RAM
               9.2 Quantum HD
               2.4.0-test7 kernel
               Panasonic 1.44M
               Distro: SusE 6.4

Problem: mounting /dev/fd0 or
/floppy gives the following output:
        /dev/fd0 has a wrong major
or minor number!

News to me.../dev/fd0 is still 2,
0, just like it's always been. 8)

The floppy drive was tested with a
boot kernel, and works; mke2fs -m
/dev/fd0 also works well, as does
make bzdisk.

I checked the /etc/fstab parameters
which are automatically set up upon
installation of SuSE, and these
read as follows:

/dev/fd0 /floppy
auto auto,user 0 0

All the other devices seem to be
working properly.

Any clues as to what might be a
good workaround to the problem
would be
really appreciated...the -t option
with mount has done nothing, nor

Thanks for your time and help.

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