Re: linux-2.4.0-test8-pre5

From: Dan Aloni (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 07:21:36 EST

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> > - VIA ide driver update (well, rewrite - the old one was buggy and broken)
> Can someone explain this line from the VIA update?
> #define FIT(v,min,max) (((v)>(max)?(max):(v))<(min)?(min):(v))
> Barring side effects on the variables, it is equivalent to
> #define FIT(v,min,max) ((v)<(min)?(min):(v))
> Why do I get the feeling that this was *not* the intent?

Correct. The last v should be replaced with whatever that we got from
(v)>(max)?(max):(v), like:

#define FIT(v,min,max) (((v)>(max)?(max):(v))<(min)?(min):((v)>(max)?(max):(v)))

Or perhaps this is a lot better:

#define FIT(v,min,max) ((v)>(max)?(max):((v)<(min)?(min):(v)))

Dan Aloni (dax)

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