Multiple Keyboards in 2.2/2.4?

From: Nicholas Towers (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 06:59:58 EST

Is it / will it be possible to run multiple, or at least two keyboards
before the new linux console code in 2.5?

What we would like to do is to run multiple user sessions off a single
machine. Using either Dualhead graphics cards, or simply using two
graphics cards, the display is not a problem (although console support
would be nice we only really need X), and multiple mice is not a problem
with either two USB mice or one USB and one PS/2. However, there does not
seem to be a way to address a second keyboard seperately at the moment.
Looking at the linux console project the multi-head code "ruby" seems to
be aimed at 2.5. I was wondering if there is any chance of being able to
address keyboards before then?


Ie. Given that displays and mice almost work, we think it would be really
cool to have two people work from a single box. AFAIK keyboard is the only
issue stopping this...

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