Fwd: ACPI & I4L irq confilct: bug reporting on kernel 2.4.0-test8-pre4

From: Guido Trentalancia (guido.trentalancia@tin.it)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 08:36:59 EST

>Hi !
>This is a bug reporting, included are the output of various /proc file on
>my system:
>Motherboard: ASUS P2B-F with the latest bios bx2f113.awd (microcode update)
>ISDN: Winbond based card (Hisax type=36)
>Distribution: based on updated SuSE 6.4

>The problem is that if I compile the kernel (2.4.0-test8 pre1,pre2,pre3,pre4)
>with both ACPI support and ISDN support there is a conflict in irq 9.
>I think ACPI first get irq 9 and then Hisax can't get it. Consequentially
>Hisax doesn't work if ACPI support is enabled.
>With ACPI turned off, everything works fine as with previous kernel test6
>and test5 and ....
>Many thanx.

after further testing the problem seems to be in IRQ SHARING.
in fact, with acpi disabled, once the hisax has got irq 9 (it is not possible
for card type 36 to change the irq), i can load the ethernet modules
8390 and ne2k-pci for my ethernet PCI NE2000 card, but the ne2k-pci
driver also set its irq=9, so everytime i try to do:

ifconfig eth0 up

i get:

SIOCSIFFLAGS: resource temporarily unavailable

why don't add the irq parameter to the hisax winbond driver and to the
ne2k-pci driver ?

my motherboard has pci slot 4 and slot 5 condivided and the isdn card is
on slot 4 while ethernet on slot 5.... so one may say "change your
motherboard", but everything worked fine with previous kernels (ACPI, Hisax,

Please help me.
Many thanx.
Please answer only via email: guido.trentalancia@tin.it

Guido Trentalancia

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