Re: ps2esdi maintainer?

From: Christophe Beauregard (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:17:56 EST

On Wed, 06 Sep 2000, A Duston wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to contact the ps2esdi maintainer, as I have
> some questions about the driver. I have an ancient PS/2
> Thinkpad that gives an annoying but cosmetic error when
> it boots.

I can't recall a time where that cosmetic error didn't exist. Something
to do with probing for a second drive, IIRC, which never exists on the
Integrated ESDI controller of the TP.

>I contacted David Weinehall earlier, but he
> isn't sure who the mainainer is.

The last "maintainer" that I know of was myself, but all I was ever able
to do was ensure that it didn't crash and burn on the TP and model
55SX. I only have the TP now, so I don't intend to go messing with it
(last time I did that, we lost support for multiple ESDI drives). It's a
little difficult to maintain drivers with no documentation and
insufficient test hardware... Unforunately, the original author
disappeared years ago.


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