Re: Availability of kdb

From: Bill Wendling (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 15:04:31 EST

Also sprach Linus Torvalds:
} I do realize that others disagree. And I'm not your Mom. You can use a
} kernel debugger if you want to, and I won't give you the cold shoulder
} because you have "sullied" yourself. But I'm not going to help you use
} one, and I wuld frankly prefer people not to use kernel debuggers that
} much. So I don't make it part of the standard distribution, and if the
} existing debuggers aren't very well known I won't shed a tear over it.
Or, to misquote Feynman (another cantankorous bastard, but proud of it):

"Look at the problem. Think really hard. And write the correct code."

|| Bill Wendling
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