Re: Availability of kdb

From: Cort Dougan (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 14:54:01 EST

} because you have "sullied" yourself. But I'm not going to help you use
} one, and I wuld frankly prefer people not to use kernel debuggers that
} much. So I don't make it part of the standard distribution, and if the
} existing debuggers aren't very well known I won't shed a tear over it.

The two extremes are not the only way to do it. PPC has had an in-kernel
debugger for quite some time. It's not a full-featured point-and-click
piece of crap but it is enough to be useful for digging through the memory
and register state when the system decides it's time to give up and
panic. I've solved a lot of problems with it, caught many mistakes and
it hasn't resulted in the apocalyptic onslaught of features that you fear.
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