Question: slow network performance between Linux and Solaris 7

From: Jack Duan (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 20:11:05 EST


I have been using Linux since the early days... and recently that I have
installed RH6.2 with Linux kernel 2.2.16 on my Dell laptop (P3-500,
256MB RAM). One thing that I found is the networking performance
between this Linux box and all my Solaris 7 based servers are very very
slow. I only get around 7-10k/s transfer rate over 100-BT link. I have
desperately searched all the websites that I can think of to find any
answers, but none helpful. Here is a detailed problem description:

Linux box:
        -- Dell P3-500Mhz, 256 RAM
        -- RH 6.2
        -- Kernel 2.2.14, 2.2.16, and I compiled 2.4.0-test7
        -- Xircom CardBus Combo card 100/BT

Solaris 7
        -- Most high-end servers E4500 and above
        -- 100BT or Giga-Ether

Doing a FTP or HTTP from Linux to Sun, transfer rate is around 3-10K/s.
If I do FTP to another Linux box, the transfer rate is at least 1000k -

Booting the laptop into Win2000, file transfer from it and Sun is at
least 1000K/s, normally 3000k/s.

I heard it might be Solaris TCP window scaling issue... how do I solve
this besides telling me to switch from Linux to FreeBSD, which I will
not do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



PS: By email to this mailing list is a desperate attempt to solve this
problem... Please cc to my email address directly since I am not on the
mailing list. Thanks!

Jack Duan,
Systems Architect, iPlanet Infrastructure Services
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