Re: Availability of kdb

Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 21:23:07 EST

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> Finally, who says that acceptance by 'IT managers and CTOs' is actually a
> measure of 'quality' that anyone here finds interesting or acceptable? The
> very fact that many 'IT managers and CTOs' find NT acceptable speaks
> volumes to counter the credibility of that as a useful product metric.

If you'd read what I wrote in it's entirety, you'd know that I'm very well
aware of this perspective. I don't need to have the volumes of idiocy
which come out of some management pointed out to me. At the same time my
entire point was that I think there's some valid business concerns that
they have /after/ removing all the crap, and that I wouldn't be surprised
if the market went against linux and in favor of other operating systems
that addressed them.

And if you think I don't understand what Linux wrote you are very wrong.
Perhaps to put a better spin on things what I should state is that I
understand what Linus is trying to do, and I'm merely pointing out that
he's really not filling the gap of supplying an IT-friendly open source
OS. He's providing an OS for developers. Cool. Fine. No worries. But
that does leave a void, in my opinion. Perhaps disributions adding
patches to the kernel will fill this void, but I tend to think it wont
scale in the end. We'll either see forking, see another OS like FreeBSD
fill the void, or (worst case) Solaris.

I don't know why this viewpoint creates such hostile responses from some
people. I'm pointing out that Linux is not everything for everyone.

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