Re: 2.4.0-test7 SB awe32 oddity

From: Gerard Sharp (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 01:13:40 EST

mazeone wrote:
> I have an older Creative Sound Blaster awe32 soundcard, which has worked
> fine under many different kernels in the past. It is one of the older
> models with jumpers, before the ISAPnP models became available.

I also have a Sound Blaster Awe32; but mine is jumperless and doesn't
respond to isapnp.
It lives happily on io220, irq5, dma1,5 etc.
I have the values set as options in /etc/conf.modules
> With test7, things got odder. If I

Mine works fine <tm> in test6 and earlier, but does NOT like test7. I
have posted this
before to lkml (Subject: "modprobe sound" causing oops under test7 /
but received no replies :(
Brief recap: test7 spits out with "sb: I/O region in use." and then some
dma left
allocated messages (printk'd as the module shuts down I believe).
Subsequently cat'ing /proc/interrupts or /proc/ioports oopses reliably
(reliable oops?)

test8-pre1 locks the machine tight on "modprobe sound", and test8-pre2
is about as polite(!)
as test7
I'm waiting for the truncate "issues" to settle before looking into it

> The one thing that I suspect might be related to this is that I have had
> some problems with odd APIC stuff on this motherboard (Abit bp6 with 2
> celeron 533's). However, my soundcard does work in this machine using
> kernel 2.2.16.

Ooh! Same motherboard, but again, everything Works Fine <tm> with older

There appears to have been a fair few changes in the kernel regarding
sound, and even such
things as MOD_INC_USE() and variants have been moved / restructured;
possibly something wasn't
quite altered correctly :(

Gerard Sharp
Two Penguins, 2.4.0-test6
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