[Announcement] pre-patch-2.0.39-8

From: David Weinehall (tao@acc.umu.se)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 05:52:32 EST

Rats! Someone _did_ come up with something terrible. The ide-stuff
wasn't compiling at all. So after putting a big brown paper-bag over my
head and poking two holes in it to be able to see, I sat down with a
fresh tree and tried to compile every damn option. The result is a
2.0.39pre8 which probably has as many warnings as before (oh, I removed
one, in xd.c) but _hopefully_ no non-compilable drivers. Notice,
however, that I only tried compiling the x86-stuff (due to lack of other


o Make ide.c compile (Andries Brouwier)
o Added new versions of PCI-2000 (Mark Ebersole)
o Added new versions of PCI-2220i (Mark Ebersole)
o Fixed a few typos in PCI-2000, (me)
        PCI-2220i, PSI-240i and related
o Removed unused variable in xd.c (me)
o Small Config.in-file cleanups (me)
o Renamed the initfunctions in (me)
        pi2.c and pt.c, as their names
        clashed with paride-names
        (obviously, noone uses paride
         together with hamradio)
o Remove two unnecessary files (me)
        I introduced in one of the
        other pre-patches
o Changed all (?) references to (me)
        vger.rutgers.edu to


o Fix a bug in af_unix that wrote to (Michael Deutschmann)
        a socket after freeing it
        (aka the Win9x-related oops)
o Fixed typo in Documentation (Martin Douda)


o Somewhat more complete fix for (Wolfram Gloger)
        the bug in Paride
o Fix the annoying build-prohibiting (Gael Queri)
        bug in drivers/block/ide.c


o IDE-patches (Andre Hedrick)
o Move memory-offset for dynamic (Michael Deutschsmann)
o Fixes to the Cyclades-driver (Ivan Passos)
o Fix for a bug in ext2 (Stephen C. Tweedie)
o Added marketing-names for 3Com (Yann Dirson, me)
        NICs in drivers/net/Config.in
o Added fix to smbfs (Rick Bressier)


o Large-disk fixes (Andries Brouwer)
o Wavelan-driver cleanup & bugfixes (Jean Tourrilhes)
o Security-fixes (Solar Designer)
o Quota-fixes (Jan Kara)
o Fixed GPF using IPsec Masquerade (Rudolf Lippan)
o (s)size_t-patch for fs/proc/mem.c (me)


o Fixed Config.in bugs in (Marc Martinez)
        drivers/net and drivers/isdn
o int to (s)size_t in fs/proc/mem.c (Michal Jaegermann)
o Added IPX-routing of NetBIOS packages (Jan Rafaj)


o Fix for a bug in paride (Wolfram Gloger)
o Fix an erroneous printk in ip_fw.c (Todd Sabin)
o Fix for IP multicast on WAN-adapters (Matthew Grant)
o Big updates to MAINTAINERS (me)
o Big updates to CREDITS (me)
o Various updates in Documentation/* (me)
o Styled up all Configuration-files (me)
        in a similar manner to newer
        v2.3 kernels
o Updated CodingStyle to the one used (me)
        in recent v2.3 kernels
o Backported nls_8859-14 (me)
o Added support for sparse superblocks (Theodore T'so)


o Fix for the ping -s 65468 exploit (Andrea Arcangeli + others)
o Small updates to MAINTAINERS (me)
o Small updates to CREDITS (me)
o Update Documentation/Changes (me)
        to mirror the needed binutils version

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// Project MCA Linux hacker // Dance across the winter sky //
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