Re: We are as good as our tools

From: Horst von Brand (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 09:37:47 EST

Alexander Viro <> said:


> BTW, tools are really nice, but I wouldn't call conventional debuggers
> a-la [asg]db good ones. I've been _very_ impressed by Acid - after gdb it
> feels like a switch from MCR to sh. Small core providing a language with
> enough primitives to build the rest of debugger + library + ability to
> write new functions. _That_ would be very useful thing to have - you are
> not limited to stepping/poking anymore and can actually write functions
> that check state consistency/get stats/whatever and use them. I would
> really recommend everyone involved in that thread look through the
> papers on this thing (USENIX '94; available online on the
> and look at it in work. Something similar
> could be really useful - unlike gbd it allows to look at the large picture
> without wearing your fingers to bones. Essentially, Acid libraries can be
> used as documentation on the state - very expressive beast.

Is this animal available in source together with plan9? Could it be adapted
for use on more conventional systems (licence and otehrwise)?

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