[the end?] RE: Availability of kdb

From: Mike Galbraith (mikeg@weiden.de)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 10:56:20 EST

On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Mike Jagdis wrote:

> > Q: Then why isn't kdb in the kernel?
> > A: Uh...
> More to the point, why don't the people that want a kernel
> debugger maintain kdb and simply drop in the patch when they
> need it? If Jeff releases his debugger will anyone care enough
> to maintain it? Less talk, more action methinks :-).

Hmm.. my name is on the to line, so I guess that this is directed
at me too?

I have _no problem_ with Linus not liking/integrating KDB. I only
suggested that it _could_ improve bug report quality and encourage
folks to try to solve problems if it were integrated. I also pointed
out that debuggers are readily available for those who want them.

Now (having gotten the last word in) let's stop talking about something
that's _not going to happen_ and chase down bugs so 2.4 _can_ happen :)


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