Re: [PATCH] change ifmap.base_addr to u_long type

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 16:45:23 EST

> Here is a small patch which is needed on non-i386 platforms.

Which is wrong

> ifmap.base_addr is mainly used to initialize net_device base_addr, which
> is already a u_long.
> This change does not increase the memory size for struct ifmap.

But does change the field offsets

> In the same spirit, ifmap.irq should probably be changed to u_int as
> well, but that would increase the size, and I don't have the need yet.
> :-)


You want to provide a new ioctl, but think about PCI multiple busses and the
like and talk to DaveM before you think you have all the fields

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