Re: AW: Linux kernel modules development in C++

From: Jes Sorensen (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 10:35:07 EST

>>>>> "Carsten" == Carsten Lang <> writes:

Carsten> Hi, i don't want to start discussing the pros and cons of
Carsten> using C++ in kernel development. BUT: why do we blame people
Carsten> if they want to?

This is already covered in the 200 previous discussions about this -
basically maintenance and the fact that it raises the bar for other
people wanting to modify the code.

Oh and then there is the issue why you or I should bother changing our
perfectly valid code in order to make it easier for other people to
hack things in an unsupported language. If I happen to like a variable
called 'new' in my header file etc.

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