Re: test11-pre6 still very broken

From: Vojtech Pavlik (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 07:47:08 EST

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 01:37:23PM +0100, Thomas Sailer wrote:

> > I hope EHCI makes it all moot. Some way or another.
> Only for USB2 devices. EHCI is supposed to be paired with an existing
> UHCI or OHCI controller core that is supposed to take over the USB connector
> if an USB 1.x hub or device is plugged in. So we end up needing to support
> UHCI and OHCI for a very long time, I don't see mice and keyboards going
> USB2 anytime soon 8-)

Oops? I thought the paired controller there is for OSes not being able
to handle EHCI yet? So that USB works even for those ... I think EHCI
should handle even 1.x devices ... I may be wrong, though.

Vojtech Pavlik
SuSE Labs
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