Re: Startup IPI (was: Re: test13-pre3)

From: Petr Vandrovec (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 12:08:44 EST

On 18 Dec 00 at 23:51, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Yeah. Just do not read video memory when another CPU starts. I'll try
> > disabling cache on both CPUs, maybe it will make some difference, as
> > secondary CPU should start with caches disabled. But maybe that it is
> > just broken AGP bus, and nothing else. But until I find what's really
> > broken on my hardware, I'd like to leave 'udelay(300)' in.
> In the case where it boots does it also report mismatched MTRRs ??

Yes, it complains. But BIOS correctly reports x1/x2 depending on
number of CPUs I plug into motherboard, so I believe that it did
some initialization before it start loading OS.

calibrating APIC timer ...
..... CPU clock speed is 797.0452 MHz.
..... host bus clock speed is 99.6305 MHz.
cpu: 0, clocks: 996305, slice: 332101
cpu: 1, clocks: 996305, slice: 332101
checking TSC synchronization across CPUs: passed.
Setting commenced=1, go go go
mtrr: your CPUs had inconsistent variable MTRR settings
mtrr: probably your BIOS does not setup all CPUs

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