RE: sendfile+zerocopy: fairly sexy (nothing to do with ECN)

From: Jonathan Earle (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 11:16:56 EST

> Throughput: 100Mbps is really nothing. Linux never had a problem with
> 4-500Mbps file serving. So throughput is an important number. so is
> end to end latency, but in file serving case, latency might
> not be a big deal so ignore it.

If I try to route more than 40mbps (40% line utilization) through a 100mbps
port (tulip) on a 2.4.0-test kernel running on a pIII 500 (or higher)
system, not only does the performance drop to nearly 0, the system gets all
sluggish and unusable. This is with or without Jamal's FF patches.

How are you managing to get such high throughput?

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