RE: [Semi-OT] Dual Athlon support in kernel

From: Antwerpen, Oliver (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 01:03:18 EST

Moin Mike,

> From: Mike A. Harris []
> Would the current state of athlon support be considered stable?
> I've got a colleague interested in getting a dual athlon box, and
> I'll be making the decision as to what hardware to purchase. I'm
> wondering is dual Athlon viable for a business solution right
> now, or is it considered "experimental"?

I don't know if anyone can say if it's stable, as there are no dual Athlon
boxes out there yet.
> What hardware would be recommended for a dual CPU system that
> needs to be fairly rock solid? Should I recommend to stay with
> the P-III Xeon? Or something else? What issues would I expect
> to have to deal with if going with a dual Athlon?

AFAIK Tyan is the only manufacturer building such a board (Thunder K7 /
S2562) right now. This will use AMD's 760MP Chipset with DDR memory support
up to 4GB, 5 64bit PCI slots, AGP pro, dual NIC (3c920), U160SCSI (aic7899).
The launch for dual Athlon is planned for June 4th.
If this will be rock-solid will be shown in the first weeks of Q3.
I am also highly interested in information about dual Athlon (which
kernel/compiler/tools to use?), as we will get a dual Athlon sample before
the launch.


Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo da draußen...
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