Re: hundreds of mount --bind mountpoints?

From: David Woodhouse (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 07:51:32 EST said:
> What I would like to avoid is scenario like
> Maintainers of filesystems with large private inodes: Why would we
> separate them? We would only waste memory, since the other filesystems
> stay in ->u and keep it large.

> Maintainers of the rest of filesystems: Since there's no patches that
> would take large stuff out of ->u, why would we bother?

> So yes, IMO having such patches available _is_ a good thing. And in
> 2.5 we definitely want them in the tree. If encapsulation part gets
> there during 2.4 and separate allocation is available for all of them
> it will be easier to do without PITA in process.

JFFS2 has the encapsulation part already. I'll make it do separate
allocation in 2.5, when it's actually a gain.


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