ncurses 2.4.3

From: Tom Beer (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 09:41:34 EST


I'm running 2.2.16-22 (Redhat Guiness) on a PC and
wanna upgrade to 2.4.3. Unfourtunately I get Unable to
open Ncurses libraries Error 1 if I make make menuconfig.
I read around the web and found that I've to install the devel
pack of ncurses too. No results, even if I do a make clean all
in /usr/src/linux/scripts/lxdialog. If I make a make xconfig I get an
tkpares.o not found error 127. Can anyone point me to a page
or give me some hints how to fix this?

Thanks Tom

please cc. me on all replys, cause' I'm not on the list at the moment.

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