random reboots

From: Nathan Walp (faceprint@faceprint.com)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 11:18:42 EST


My machine seems to be rebooting at random. Actually, it's more like
the screen blanks, and suddenly the BIOS is going through POST. There
may be a reset-button gnome in my case putting a jumper over the reset
pins, but I seriously doubt it. ;-) I recently tried to switch from APM
to ACPI, when i upgraded from ac9 to ac11, so I thought that might be
the cause. So I switched back to APM with ac13 (I had the same ac12
compile problems as the rest of the world). It's still rebooting,
without any aparent cause.

I upgraded the BIOS on this Asus A7V sometime in the past week, but I
honestly don't remember when. From 1005C to 1007. This was released in
march, so I assumed it was pretty stable, but it could be the cause.
I'm going to go downgrade now, but is this more likely to be a kernel
bug, or a hardware bug/new bios bug?

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