Re: BUG: Global FPU corruption in 2.2

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 11:24:20 EST

[ Alan, I'm lazy and only have 2.2.14 sources on-line. Maybe this has
  been fixed already and there's something else going on. Worth a look ]

In article <>,
Victor Zandy <> wrote:
>Someone else here traced the process flags of a FP-intensive program
>on a machine before and after it is put in the faulty FPU state. He
>periodically sampled /proc/pid/stat while the program was running.
>He found that PF_USEDFPU was always set before the machine was broken.
>After he found that it was set about 70% of the time.

[ Looks closer at the ptrace synchronization ]

Ahh.. This actually _does_ look like a race on "current->flags":

        child->flags |= PF_PTRACED;

without waiting for the child to have stopped.

(Aside: thinking more about the stopping logic - I'm not actually sure
the ptrace synchronization is complete wrt scheduling, as there will be
a window when the process has set the task state to TASK_STOPPED but
hasn't actually yet scheduled away. Oh, well).

All other ptrace operations (not counting killing the child) will check
that the child is quiescent. But PTRACE_ATTACH will not, as we're just
setting up the stopping.

In 2.4.x, this bug doesn't happen because "flags" was split up into
"current->ptrace" and "current->flags". Exactly because of locking

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