Problem with DHCP when using tokenring on 2.4.x

Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 08:00:59 EST

           I have a problem with DHCP when using tokenring card on 2.4.x
kernel . When I am using IBM tokenring adapter( all) and trying to hook on
to the lan n/w using DHCP ,I get an error message "operation failed " from
the dhcp client . The dhcp server is getting the broadcast message when the
dhcp client is run. I am using pump that comes with 6.2 redhat
distribution . There is no problem when using static IP. I could
experience this problem only on 2.4.x . I am able to get a valid IP
address on 2.2.x kernel when using tokenring adapter. And also there is no
problem when using ethernet adapter on 2.4.x . . Has anyone experienced
this problem on 2.4.x . Can any one help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks & Regards

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