Re: how does linux support domino?

From: Jorge Nerin (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 10:01:19 EST

Xiong Zhao wrote:

> hello.on linux we will see a new domino server process/thread is created for each
> does linux do this?does it use pthread?using fork or clone or someway
> else?what's the common way of linux to support apps like lotus domino that will
> have lots of concurrent users which are served by seperate server process/thread?
> regards
> james

Well, in Linux there is no separate concept of threads, so each thread
is a separate process with it's own PID and the PPID of the main thread.
In fact pthread_create() sits just on top of clone().

The way each program handles multiple conections is up to the program,
for example apache 1.3 and below does a fork(), mozilla does a
pthread_create(), BOA does a select() in only one process, and apache
2.0 and up does both a fork() and pthread_create().

Jorge Nerin

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