Re: compile error 2.4.4pre6: inconsistent operand constraints in an

From: Colonel (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 18:07:42 EST

In list.kernel, axel <> wrote:
>How about correcting the needed gcc version in Documentation/Changes?

Linux, with up to date documention?? In your dreams perhaps.

>On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Alan Cox wrote:
>> > after having had trouble with compilation due to old gcc version, i have
>> > updated to gcc 3.0 and received the following error:
>> 2.4.4pre6 only builds with gcc 2.96. If you apply the __builtin_expect fixes
>> it builds and runs fine with 2.95. Not tried egcs. The gcc 3.0 asm constraints
>> one I've yet to see a fix for.

BTW. The above attitude was fostered by informing the Changes
maintainer that the recommended NFS userspace server was on the
exploits list (back in the 2.0 kernel days when knfs was new) and
getting a "I don't use that, so what" response.

...and the documentation continued to recommend an exploitable NFS
server... in short: you must cross-check to be sure, at least in linux
you have a few more options.

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