Re: Let init know user wants to shutdown

From: Jamie Lokier (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 09:28:52 EST

Pavel Machek wrote:
> > Are you sure? A suspend takes about 5-10 seconds on my laptop.
> Ouch? Really?

No, I was thinking of one of the earlier 2.4 kernels. 2.4.3 seems
faster again.

> What I do is killall apmd, then apm -s and it is more or less
> instant. [Are you using suspend-to-disk? AFAICS my toshiba can not do
> suspend to disk, that's why I'm interested].

Mind doesn't do suspend-to-disk either. I think it can with Windows but
I've never run Windows on it to find out :-)

I've always presumed the disk activity that starts after closing the lid
and before powering down is due to the kernel, or maybe apmd, calling

> > (It was noticably faster with 2.3 kernels, btw. Now it spends a second
> > or two apparently not noticing the APM event (though the BIOS is making
> > the speaker beep ), then syncing the disk, then maybe another pause, then
> > maybe some more disk activity, then finally shutting down. 2.3 started
> > t he disk activity immediately and didn't pause. Perhaps 2.4.3 mm
> > problems?)
> Take a look what apmd does. I'm killing it before apm -s.

Hmm. Perhaps apmd needs a "do not sync" option, for when you don't care.

-- Jamie
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