Re: CML2 Transition experiences

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 10:04:02 EST

jeff millar <>:
> 1. If I install CML2 and go directly to "make xconfig", it deduces it needs
> to set top level options because some of the low level options are set. For
> example SCSI enabled because some SCSI device is set or hot plug because
> PCMCIA is set...because some PCMCIA device is set. The _problem_ is...none
> of these options were set in the CML1 generated .config file... and it
> _extremely_ tedious to use xconfig to clear out all the cruft.
> A much better (but not yet right) way is to use "make ttyconfig" to quickly
> generate config.out from .config relatively fewer errors and ability to say
> no at a top level and cause all the lower level stuff to go away. make
> ttyconfig seems to parse the .config file in a different (and better) order.

I'm finding this report very puzzling. Both front ends parse the
.config in exactly the same order. In fact, it's done by the same
> Suggestion: On the first pass of CML2 processing through .config, before
> first config.out created, trust the top level setting and ignore lower level
> settings if top setting off.

Because of the order tree traversal is done, I think ttyconfig should give
you the effect you want.
> 2. So after some playing around, I want to go back to CML1. But the .config
> generated by CML2 is not compatible. I don't know if it's supposed to be
> but there's lots of problems.

The config.out isn't exactly compatible; it has explicit CONFIG_FOO=n settings
in it. The .config file generated from that by configtrans should be, however;
if it's not that's a bug. Can you send me your "incompatible" .config so
I can see the problems?

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