Re: /proc format (was Device Registry (DevReg) Patch 0.2.0)

From: J . A . Magallon (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 17:03:25 EST

On 04.25 Doug McNaught wrote:
> "J . A . Magallon" <> writes:
> > Question: it is possible to redirect the same fs call (say read) to
> different
> > implementations, based on the open mode of the file descriptor ? So, if
> > you open the entry in binary, you just get the number chunk, if you open
> > it in ascii you get a pretty printed version, or a format description like
> There is no distinction between "text" and "binary" modes on a file
> descriptor. The distinction exists in the C stdio layer, but is a
> no-op on Unix systems.

Yep, realized after the post, fopen() is a wrapper for open(). The idea
is to (someway) set the proc entry in verbose vs fast-binary mode for
reads. Perhaps an ioctl() or an fcntl() or something similar.
So the verbose mode gives the field names, and the binary mode just
gives the numbers. Applications that know what are reading can just
read binary data, and fast.

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