Re: 2.2.19 Realaudio masq problem

From: Whit Blauvelt (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 18:12:38 EST

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 10:56:11PM +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le 25 Apr 2001 14:52:56 -0400, Dave Mielke a écrit :

> > strace writes to standard error, not standard output, by default. Better yet,
> > though, use the -o option of strace to direct its output to a file, which
> > leaves the standard output streams alone for the aplication being traced.

Okay, so being unfamiliar with strace, I should be able to invoke something
like "strace -o log realplay some-realaudio-url"? And this should mean
something to me?

> I didn't follow this thread at all (just caught this last mail), but I
> use realplayer8 here, and I actually had to *rmmod* the realaudio
> masquerading module to make it stream audio from the internet on a
> masqueraded machine. The server is a debian with kernel 2.2.19, does
> NAT.

Thanks for reasuring me there's something broken in the module. Xavier, do
you happen to know what transport mode your realplay is using then? That
would show under View | Preferences | Transport. And if you hit the
Autoconfigure button therer, does it succeed? It doesn't for me either with
or without the module loaded, and it used to with a 2.2.17 kernel plus
realplay 7 rather than 8.

Of course, the masq module is only to handle udp - if real goes to tcp it
doesn't need it, so I suspect what Xavier's seeing is it working via tcp -
but perhaps some servers today refuse to do anything but udp connections?


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