alpha stack problem: resource.h

From: Allan Frank (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 01:59:12 EST


Yesterday I installed 2.2.19 one of out alpha servers and I found that it
still has the same bug that we patched 2.2.14 to get rid of. In the 2.4 line
it seems to be fixed.
The bug has the affect that a unprev. user cannot increase the stack limit
even if he/she is allowed to.

This mailing list item fom Jun 12 2000 describes the problem:

<snippit from page>

It is because wrong value in the



The latter defines hard limit of the stack.
When I pointed the problem, only Intel and PPC people corrected it.
You should change the value as


and recompile your kernel.
It will resolve your problem.

</snippit from page>

I can report that is does resolve the problem here. Is this a bug or is the
kernel supposed to work that way?

Outlook stinks.

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