[PATCH/URL] Endian Safe ReiserFS

From: Jeff Mahoney (jeffm@suse.com)
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 12:47:16 EST

   I've just completed my port of ReiserFS to be endian safe. The patch
has been tested successfully on x86 (UP/SMP), ppc (UP/SMP), and
UltraSparc (UP). I've received reports that it also works successfully
on mips (UP).

   The patch preserves the little-endian disk format, so a disk can be
moved across architectures. The on-disk format has not been altered, so
the code can be patched in without disruption to users with existing
reiserfs filesystems (like myself :)). There are no VFS changes.

   Due to the patches affecting all of ReiserFS, the patch is quite
large (180K), and so in the interests of preserving bandwidth for
everyone, I've decided to post a URL to the patch instead.

   The patch can be found at:

   More information, including the endian safe utiltities, can be found
at http://penguinppc.org/~jeffm.


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