CML2 1.2.8 is available

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 14:33:13 EST

The latest version is always available at

Release 1.2.8: Thu Apr 26 15:18:38 EDT 2001
        * Major internal speedup; symbol evaluation is much faster now.

Symbol evaluation was the speed bottleneck in the configurator for quite a
while. Thanks to a reorganization of one of the central data structures,
it's now down in the profiler noise. As a result, many operations like
commits and file loading are now so fast that I've removed their twirly-baton
progress indicators.

The new slowdown king is the algebraic-simplification code for constraints.
Greg Banks and I have been kicking around some ideas about common-subexpression
elimination that might lead to big speedups here as well, but it's a complex
change that might take a while.

It's beginning to look like I might be able to remove the fastmode crock
after the next round of tuning.

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