RE: i2o/dpt/adaptec - SmartRAID V?

From: Davide Libenzi (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 19:33:40 EST

On 27-Apr-2001 tc lewis wrote:
> i saw a few messages in the archive about these, but i'm still unclear on
> the current situation.
> according to /proc/pci, i'm working with a:
> Bus 0, device 9, function 1:
> I2O: Distributed Processing Technology SmartRAID V Controller (rev 2).
> IRQ 9.
> Master Capable. Latency=64. Min Gnt=1.Max Lat=1.
> Prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xf8000000 [0xf9ffffff].
> in the linux-kernel archive there was a recent message from someone noting
> that the eata driver does not handle this card. it looks like adaptec has
> drivers for this for use with certain versions of linux 2.2, but not for
> linux 2.4.
> are these cards supported at all in linux 2.4?
> i think someone mentioned there were licensing issues on including this
> driver in the kernel tree, but it was available via some other means /
> someone hacked it up from dpt/adaptec for use with 2.4...can i get more
> info on this? much appreciated.

The attached file is what I'm currently using and, as far as I can tell, it
works fine ( on a 2 way SMP PIII server ).
The driver developer told me that a newer version should be issued
in a few days to be included in the mainstream code.
This new version should have code fixes requested by Alan.

- Davide

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