Alpha compile problem solved by Andrea (pte_alloc)

From: Magnus Naeslund\(f\) (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 22:34:01 EST

Hello yesterday i installed redhat6.2 on our little alpha server over here.
It's an Ruffian EV56 system, and a hand upgraded redhat to be able to cope
with 2.4.

I got an compile error that told me that pte_alloc was declared wrong in
some files..
Then in the back of my mind i figured that Andrea does a lot of alpha work,
so i grepped after pte_alloc in his patches.

I found:

Now my kernel compiled, and it works great. (Thanks Andrea :))
Just a little gotcha if anyone gets this problem (now it's in the mail
archives, where i didnt find it).

Is that patch harmless, or is it experimental?
Is there any other patches you recommend me to apply to my kernel?


Magnus Naeslund

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