Re: binfmt_misc on 2.4.3-ac14

From: Thomas Dodd (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 14:12:14 EST wrote:
> <> wrote:
> >is it going to become the default in future kernel releases?
> It's been that way in the -ac kernels for a while now, but Linus hasn't put it
> into his kernels yet. Perhaps he's waiting until work begins on 2.5, rather
> than break an existing interface in 2.4. Anyway, it's entirely up to Linus, so
> I'm just guessing here. :-)

It's in the 2.4 kernels from RedHat (like the one shipped with SeaWolf)
So if you update you distro you'll see it for a while.

I thought the plan was to move this out of /proc and
to say /etc where config info like this "belongs".
Did this change?

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