Re: 2.4 and 2GB swap partition limit

From: LA Walsh (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 15:52:50 EST

Rogier Wolff wrote:

> > > On Linux any swap adds to the memory pool, so 1xRAM would be
> > > equivalent to 2xRAM with the old old OS's.
> >
> > no more true AFAIK
> I've always been trying to convice people that 2x RAM remains a good
> rule-of-thumb.

    Ug.  I like to view swap as "low grade memory" -- i.e. I really
should spend 99.9% of my time in RAM -- if I spill, then it means
I'm running too much/too big for my computer and should get more RAM --
meanwhile, I suffer with performance degradation to remind me I'm really
exceeding my machine's physical memory capacity.

An interesting option (though with less-than-stellar performance characteristics) would be a dynamically expanding swapfile. If you're going to be hit with swap penalties, it may be useful to not have to pre-reserve something you only hit once in a great while.

Definitely only for systems where you don't expect to use swap (but it could be there for "emergencies" up to some predefined limit or available disk space).

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