Re: 2.4.4 sluggish under fork load

From: Mohammad A. Haque (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 09:26:13 EST

Peter Osterlund wrote:
> I have noticed that 2.4.4 feels a lot less responsive than 2.4.3 under
> fork load. This is caused by the "run child first after fork" patch. I
> have tested on two different UP x86 systems running redhat 7.0.
> For example, when running the gcc configure script, the X mouse pointer is
> very jerky. The configure script itself runs approximately as fast as in
> 2.4.3.
> Another thing is that the bash loop "while true ; do /bin/true ; done" is
> not possible to interrupt with ctrl-c.

Just as a data point, I'm experiencing this also.

> Reverting the fork patch makes all these problems go away on my machine.
> I'm not saying that this is necessarily a good idea, that patch might be
> good for other reasons.

I'll try out this patch soon.


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