just-in-time debugging?

From: Tony Hoyle (tmh@nothing-on.tv)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 15:17:10 EST

Is there a way (kernel or userspace... doesn't matter) that gdb/ddd
could be invoked when a program is about
to dump core, or perhaps on a certain signal (that the app could deliver
to itself when required). The latter case
is what I need right now, as I have to debug an app that breaks
seemingly randomly & I need to halt when
certain assertions fail. Core dumps aren't much use as you can't resume
them, otherwise I'd just force a segfault
or something.

I had a look at the do_coredump stuff and it looks like it could be
altered to call gdb in the same way that
modprobe gets called by kmod... however I don't sufficiently know the
code to work out whether it'd work properly
or not.

A patch to glibc would perhaps be better, but I know that code even

Something like responding to SIGTRAP would probably be ideal.



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