Re: linux and high volume web sites

From: Tim Moore (
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 15:55:01 EST

David Lang wrote:
> watch the resonate heartbeat and see if it is getting lost in the network
> traffic (the resonate logs will show missing heartbeat packets). think
> seriously of setting the resonate stuff to run at a higher priority so
> that it doesn't get behind.
> depending on how high your network traffic is seriously look at putting in
> a second nic and switch to move the NFS traffic off the network that has
> the internet traffic and hearbeat.
> I had the same problem with central dispatch a couple years ago when first
> implementing it. the exact details of the problem that I ran into should
> have been fixed by now (mostly having to do with large number of virtual
> IP addresses) but the symptoms were the same.

In addition to the above make sure there's enough bandwidth to the filer
(eg- good switches, multiple ethernets).

Consider moving to 2.2.19. Significant VM changes after 2.2.19pre3 which
could account for the freezes.


> > I have a high volume web site under linux :
> > kernel is 2.2.17
> > hardware is 5 bi-PIII 700Mhz / 512Mb, eepro100
> > all server are diskless (nfs on an netapp filer) except for tmp and swap
> >
> > dispatch is done by the Resonate product
> >
> > web server is apache+php (something like 400 processes), database
> > backend is a mysql on the same hardware
> >
> > in high volume from time to time machines are "freezing" then after a
> > few seconds they "reappear" and response timne is
> >
> >
> > how can I investigate all these problems ?

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