Re: 2.4.3 2.4.4pre8: aic7xxx showstopper bug fails to detect sda

From: J . A . Magallon (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 05:25:46 EST

On 04.29 Steve 'Denali' McKnelly wrote:
> Command found on device queue
> aic7xxx_abort returns 8194

I have seen blaming for this error to aic7xxx new driver prior to version
6.1.11. It was included in the 2.4.3-ac series, but its has not got into
main 2.4.4 (there is still 6.1.5). Everything needs its time.

Grab the updated patch from

BTW (Alan?) new version is 6.1.12 (just patched 2.4.4 after offset
engineering and works fine).
Candidate for 2.4.4-ac1 or 2.4.5-pre1 ?

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