Re: X15 alpha release: as fast as TUX but in user space (fwd)

From: Jim Gettys (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 16:47:10 EST

> Short summary: depending on how much you were talking general idea versus
> specifics, you can go arbitrarily far back (I wouldn't be surprised if
> shared memory techniques were used regularly before memory protection.)
> Fair?

Very fair.

> Not to pick on you or anyone else, but it is well-known to everyone
> except the U.S. patent office that "there are no new ideas in computer
> science." :)

Exactly why I noted in my mail that I didn't consider it novel even back then; just
a good engineering idea that we went ahead and used a long time ago...
                - Jim

Jim Gettys
Technology and Corporate Development
Compaq Computer Corporation

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