CML2 1.3.3 is available

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 22:23:12 EST

The latest version is always available at

Release 1.3.3: Sun Apr 29 23:00:33 EDT 2001
        * Resync with 2.4.4.
        * Help texts merged into symbols file; the `helpfile' declaration
          is gone. (Text is merged in from Documentation/
          at CML2 installation time.)
        * Tweaked the appearance of inactive help buttons by popular demand.

My clever plan worked. Less than three hours after I pronounced 1.3.1
"stable", somebody turned in the first crash bug in three weeks. Fortunately
it was pretty trivial to fix, a loose end from one of my speedups. Fixed in
yesterday's 1.3.2.

The big news in this version is that all the help texts have been merged into
the CML2 rules files. A typical symbol declaration now looks like this:

GONK_5523 'Support for B5523 adaptive gonkulator' text
Say Y here to compile in support for the Bollix 5523 adaptive gonkulator.

Help texts are merged into the CML2 symbols file at CML2 installation time.
The `helpfile' declaration is gone. Among other things, this means you no
longer need to run CML2 inside a kernel source tree; you can test the scripts

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