Re: deregister?

From: Jonathan Lundell (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 00:23:46 EST

At 10:40 PM -0600 2001-04-29, Paul Fulghum wrote:
>Andres Salomon wrote:
>>I'm kind of curious; "deregister" is used quite often in the kernel:
>>Not to mention in various comments and documentation. Deregister,
>>according to (and many other dictionaries), is not a word.
>>Is there some sort of historical significance to this being used, in
>>place of "unregister"?
>Linux kernel source vs. the English language.
>One of them will have to bend...
>let's get ready to rumble!
>Now that it has been pointed out it will mildly
>irritate people (myself included) until it
>*is* corrected (I guess ignorance was bliss :-)

At 10:03 PM -0400 2001-04-29, Andres Salomon wrote:
>Americans can spell? Since when?

OED 2nd Ed:

deregister. v. trans. To remove from a register. Hence
deregistration. (first citation 1925)

unregistered. ppl. a. Not entered in a register; unrecorded. (first
citation 1604)

The OED has no entry for "unregister".

/Jonathan Lundell.
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