Re: CML2 1.3.1, aka "I stick my neck out a mile..."

From: Alexander Viro (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 02:23:15 EST

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 wrote:

> >
> > Eric, it's getting tiresome. Kindly learn what the fsck McQ is, OK?
> Just out of curiousity - what is McQ ?
> Vladimir Dergachev
> PS And no, I am very sure there is no such thing in Star Trek.

McQ: (from George McQuary) Conventional limit on signature size.

>From AFW FAQ:

Q11. What is the McQuary limit?
A11. "There once was a man from Nantucket,
     who lost his .sig in a bucket.
     Five lines was too long,
     columns 80 just strong,
     so he didn't know where to tuck it."
A11. The limit on signature size: "4x80".

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