Re: Dane-Elec PhotoMate Combo

Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 02:38:46 EST

>>> This config option is considered so immature that it's not ready for
>>> kernel config, even as an EXPERIMENTAL. Use it at your own risk.

>> Of course. But the choice is simple. Without it, one has a non-functional
>> device. With it, one has a device that works beautifully.

> I would seriously argue with the "works beautifully" part of that.
> The DPCM code relies on the SDDR09 code, which is horrendously buggy.
> I can crash it at will with relatively simple operations.

Let me be more precise then.
The commands
        blockdev --rereadpt /dev/sdb
        mount /dev/sdb1 /f -t msdos
        mv /f/dcim/100mlt01/* .
        umount /f
copy the digital camera images written by a Minolta from a Compact Flash
card to the current directory and empty the card. This is the part that
works beautifully (since it works).

(One of these days I must look more at the rereadpt part of this.
After removing the card, I still have the partition /dev/sdb1,
which is an error.)

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