Re: AC'97 (VT82C686A) & IRQ reassignment (I/O APIC)

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 10:41:11 EST

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Greg Hosler wrote:

> The AC'97 has an IRQ register which allows for IRQ's 1, and 3 thru 14
> (page 107 of the VT82C686 datasheet, under section "Offset 3C, Interrupt Line")
> The problem I'm seeing is that on a SMB machine, the IRQ's get reassigned by
> the I/O APIC code, and my AC'97 gets assigned an IRQ of 18 (which won't fit into
> 4 bits :(
> Is there any way to reassign an IRQ to one that teh AC'97 will be happy with ?
> Does any other device already have to do this ?
> thx, and rgds,
> -Greg

Observe that the PCI DWORD (long) register at DWORD offset 15 consists
of 4 byte-wide registers (from the PCI specification), Max_lat, Min_Gnt,
Interrupt pin, and interrupt line. Nothing has to fit into 4 bits, you
have 8 bits. I haven't looked at the Linux code, but if it provides only 4
bits for the IRQ, it's broken.

Dick Johnson

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